indieOn crowdsale opens on 5/15/2019

indieOn provides artists a secure environment to market, manage, monetize and distribute their creative content while rewards audiences for their participation on the platform.

The media currency: Providing artists a secure environment to market, manage and monetize their creative content while rewarding audiences for their interaction on the platform. NDI is the utility Token for use in the mobile and browser based indieOn App. Built on a consensus-based media platform, using AI, we incorporate a voting system which facilitates the subscribed community members to vote on the music or film. This provides a level of quality control and engagement within the community. Community members who listen to and vote on a piece of music or film will be rewarded with tokens. This leverages the listener base, revenue and enhances the user experience. Tokens are currency within the App and also store of value for acquirers. indieOn is a digital multimedia platform built on blockchain technology to provide a superior experience for artists and audiences.


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