We have 2 ratings:

1. Our own SPINE rating.

2. Aggregated rating. It's the main rating here.

How does SPINE rating methodology works?

Our own rating is based on several (15 for now) criteria and 3 expert opinions.

We use all the information: general info, financial info, milestones, links and social activity, public info and info about team. We contact ICOs anonymously, ask them questions and make our own desicion about it's transparency and potential yield.

How does aggregated rating calculated?

We aggregate all the rating lists we can find and use this formula to calculate aggregated rating.

Aggregated rating is used for ranking and displayed on our widget.

R1*(W1/ΣW)+ R2(W2/ΣW) + ... + Rx*(Wx/ΣW)=R final

R - rating value
W - weight of the rating
ΣW - sum of rating's weights

The weight of each rating depends on it's popularity and our opinion about it.

We use these weights:

Spine: 4

ICObench: 5

ICOBazaar: 3

ICOrating: 3

ICOmarks: 3

Icotrack 2

TrackICO 3

Tokenlion 3

BesteICO 2

Coingecko 3

WiserICO 3

Trudex 3

FoundICO 3

FoxICO 2

ICOranker 2

Coindelite 1

Icolink 1

Icobuffer 2

Icocrown 2

Coinlauncher 3

Icoholder 3

Icocreed 1

Icocrunch 3

We convert all ratings to a 5 star system.

Disclaimer publishes ratings only for information purposes. They are not an invitation to invest in any ICO project. Investing in ICO is a high risk. But could be a high profit too.