Zeon Network Zeon Network

Banking Cryptocurrency Investment Platform Smart Contract
Scaling transaction rates to 100,000 tps (sharding), investments in crypto with minimal risks, cross-chain trading and mass adoption. The cornerstone in ZEON's design is the idea of sharding - dividing the network into smaller shards.

ZEON gives investors access to crypto/ICO projects with minimal risks.
Build your crypto portfolio in minutes. Buy and sell any token. Return on investment at any time. Based on Ethereum smart-contact, DAO principal, no fees.

ZEON insure risks of a scam by 80% by using Oracle Hyperion.
The project receives a daily portion of funding.

Contactless Visa payment card: Multi-signature wallets, 256-bit AES, biometric & device verification, 3-D Secure protection
Token info
ICO price
1 ZEON = 0.0005 USD
20000000 USD
15000000 USD
Igor Podymenko
Strategy Management
Kirill Levin
Technology & Marketing
Roma Senishin
Media & Community
Jermaine John
Community & Media
Marcel Arsenault
Bussiness Development
Donald Fiander
Documentation & Analytics
Igor Shevkoplias
Affiliate marketing
2017 Q4
Concept of project - DONE Web-version development started - DONE UI and UX of products outlined - DONE
2018 Q1
Start of social media company - DONE The biggest Europe Blockchain and Cryptocurrency conference - DONE Start of marketing bounty campaign «Proof of Care» - DONE ZEON Airdrop - DONE White Paper 1.0 Release - DONE One page Release - DONE Commence Dashboard development - DONE Commence ETH Smart contract development - DONE
2018 Q2
Attendance at 2 crypto/blockchain conferences - DONE Official website www.zeon.network - DONE Partnership with Wings.ai - DONE Partnership with Bancor - CANCELLED ICO alerts and trackers - DONE ETH Smart contract release - DONE Tokenholders dashboard - DONE Pre-ICO (~2 000 000 USD) - REACHED Team Account for ZEON developers on Github - DONE Create educational materials for community - IN PROGRESS Commence ZEON Mobile Wallet development - IN PROGRESS Commence Erebus Masternodes Development - DONE Commence ZEON Desktop Wallets - IN PROGRESS Commence ATLAS Development - DONE Whitepaper Update 1.01 - DONE ICO (~15 000 000 USD) - FINISHED. Raised 11,23M Listing on at least 2 exchanges - DONE Listing on coinmarketcap.com - IN PROGRESS New team members - DONE New advisors - DONE
2018 Q3
Development of PoS 3.0 - POSTPONED Release of Erebus Masternoded - POSTPONED Release ZEON Desktop Wallets - POSTPONED Increase the number of nodes on the network - DONE New website - DONE Create educational materials for community - DONE New GUI interface design whith special features for desktop wallets - NOT STARTED Commence ZEON Mediator development - IN DEVELOPMENT Commence ZEON Trading development - IN DEVELOPMENT Commence ZEONx - full anonymity - IN PROGRESS Release fo ZEON Mobile Wallets: priority of iOS and Android Wallet development - IN PROGRESS Payment gateway Integration - IN PROGRESS Adding ZEON to coinpayments.net - DONE
2018 Q4
Release Linux Wallet - POSTPONED Commence online merchant payment API/Gateway development - IN DEVELOPMENT Tor integrated wallets - POSTPONED Release ZEON Mediator - POSTPONED U2F integration - POSTPONED Start developing ZEON cards - IN DEVELOPMENT
2019 Q1
Releace ZEONx anonymous staking. Ledger Hardware Wallet Masternode Collateral Support. I2P Network integration. Dandelion Protocol integration.
2019 Q2
Fully decentralized and anonymous exchange for ZEONx. New insurance services. Scaling in transaction rates.
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