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In addition to VR and AR content, VARcrypt will distribute film, television, music, print, gaming content, and software in one combined blockchain enabled ecosystem. Think of us as Netflix meets YouTube meets Oculus meets Spotify with a little Amazon thrown on top and it’s all powered by a video game arcade token (we know, it sounds amazing). VARcrypt content pricing will be determined by the content creators and artists who create the actual content, and will be available to rent, sample, or purchase with VARcrypt's very own token, VARcoin (VAR). VARcoins will function almost exactly like tokens from video game arcades, but instead of powering the nostalgic video arcade of the past, we believe VARcoins will power the future of the internet.
Virgin Islands, British
Token info
Available for sale
11000000 VAR
ICO price
1 VAR = 5 USD
2000000 USD
34000000 USD
2619 %
VARcrypt is the world's first blockchain specific hardware agnostic platform designed specifically for VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), legacy content (film, television, music, print, video games) and software applications. VARcrypt derives its name from a combination of both VR and AR resulting in the combination of VAR which when integrated with a cryptographic blockchain content distribution, rendering, and Payment processing protocol; creates VARcrypt. In addition to VR and AR content distribution VARcrypt will distribute legacy film, television, music, software, print, and gaming content via its blockchain with the specific aim to protect artists and content creators and ensure that they can enjoy the lowest cost content distribution possible so they can keep the majority of the profits generated from their work. The future of immersive content and software will not be either VR or AR, it will be VAR.
VARcrypt will be powered by its very own token, VARcoin (VAR). VARcoin will enable users to publish and view content on VARcrypt for global distribution of VR, AR, film, television, music, sports, print, video games, software, & real estate into a combined blockchain powered ecosystem that will deliver a powerful immersive experience.
We believe that the future of the Internet will be about experiences. Immersive experiences bring people together, inspire new ways of thinking and when virtual reality, augmented reality and Blockchain technologies are combined into a new technological ecosystem we believe that technology will be the future of the internet. VARcrypt is creating a user focused interface that enables the global distribution, encryption, and monetization of content that is fair and transparent that simply does not exist currently.
Each new media format to emerge has represented a step forward in immersion and presence. From immersive video to mixed reality, content is becoming indistinguishable from having real life experiences. Through Blockchain technology this content can now be completely encrypted to protect content creators and owners, monetized in a more transparent and efficient manner (especially when one is familiar with the difficulties faced by content creators and owners who have had to collect from major television networks and Hollywood Film Studios), and distributed globally. Content creators and owners no longer have to sell off content rights by territory but can go global immediately upon publishing their content on the VARcrypt Blockchain.
Since 1974 when the TCP/IP Internet network protocol was designed it has evolved into a technology that allows any computer to communicate and connect to any other computer globally, the Blockchain protocol is repeating the same process all over again but in an exponentially more powerful way. Where TCP/IP is a communications protocol, the Blockchain is a value-exchange, encryption, distribution and monetization protocol.
What we are passionate about is building an ecosystem unlike anything that has ever been build before - a decentralized, streaming and downloading, hardware-agnostic, and independent platform for Immersive Media including VR, AR and Mixed Reality (MR). All this is being built around a user friendly interface that will give the user Content Creation Tools (CCT) and the possibility of getting payed instantly in a transparent fashion.
Simply put this is the future of the internet.
Duncan Ransom
Senior VR Advisor
Jose Estefano
Payment Technology Advisor
Eric Chung
Technical & Development Advisor
Ethan Gilmore
Founder & CEO
Armando Soto
President and Co-founder
Paul Mears
Chief Marketing Officer
Ihor Pidruchny
Blockchain Expert/Team Lead
Andrew Zubko
Blockchain Engineer/Tech Lead
Dewang Agarwal
Coding & Development
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