Artificial Intelligence Business services Cryptocurrency Investment Software is an investment Fund created to open access to earnings on investments for a wide range of people on the basis of a smart and safe system of capital distribution, powered by AI.

Our mission is to maximize investors’ profits through investments in promising ideas and transform those ideas into commercially effective business projects.
Token info
Available for sale
137700000 TFIO
ICO price
1 TFIO = 0.00125 ETH
2000 ETH
40000 ETH
775 %
The cryptocurrency market scales every year and its capitalization is constantly growing: more and more investors taking interest in investments into blockchain technologies. 2017 and 2018 are considered to be ‘golden’ for the cryptocurrency market. is a bridge between established investors and the cryptocurrency world, between crypto-investors and a real business. helps investors to strike a balance between risky investments and long-term investments through using modern technologies such as ‘Axon’ artificial intelligence and safe and smart capital distribution system.
Rafis Yusupov
Eduard Nurullin
Ksenia Gavrilova
Tomàs Pacheco
Senior IT & Fintech Consultant
Artemiy Radionov
Senior project manager
Maxime Legros
ICO and Blockchain consultant
Vladislav Markushin
Technical Director
Mohamad Youssef
AI Developer
Konstantin Poskrebyshev
Senior Blockchain Consultant
Sergey Pomelov
Chief Designer
Maxim Pakhomov
Web Developer
Timo Trippler
Ascanio Baldeschi
John Iadeluca
Manav Kalra
Federico Viganò
Marketing Specialist
Daniil Ivashin
Community Relations Consultant
Sajid Bhatt
Audit Consultant
Mofassair Hossain
ICO Expert
Semyon Gleim
Managing Partner
Jags Porandla
Blockchain expert and evangelist
Oti Edema
Certified Blockchain Expert
Sean Brizendine
Felipe Teixeira
Blockchain Developer and investor
Nikita Lenchevskii
Marketing Consultant
Q1 2017 Creation - Research and analysis of the current market situation
Q2 2017 Creation - Research and analysis of the current market situation
Q3 2017 Creation - Development of technical and economic solutions to existing investment fund problems - Business model formation and planning
Q4 2017 Creation - Partnership agreement established with a venture capital fund, GleimCapital - Expert team formed - Executive team formed
Q1 2018
Preparation for ICO - White Paper developed - Technical Paper developed
Q2 2018
Preparation for ICO - ICO financial model established - Juridical legalization of the project conducted
Q3 2018
Preparation for ICO - marketing campaign begins - Personal office for investors releases
Q4 2018
ICO I Stage - Pre-sale - Technical development for the Axon artificial intelligence begins - Technical development of the fund structure and the investor's personal account begins - MVP is in development
Q1 2019
ICO II Stage - Technical development begins for the blockchain Smart contract - Multi-signature wallet is created
Q2 2019
ICO III Stage - Search begins for investment projects - Investing in the most promising, selected projects starts - First investments from the infrastructure part of the fund begin
Q3 2019
Post ICO I Stage - Alpha-testing for platform closes - Alpha-testing of the Axon artificial intelligence closes - Access to decentralized exchanges opens
Q4 2019
Post ICO II Stage - Investment portfolio is formed - Multi-signature wallet releases - Public beta-version of the platform opens
Q1 2020 releases - Public beta-version of Axon artificial intelligence opens - Investors’ personal accounts launch, smart contract for dividend payments releases - Investments made in 20+ projects
Q2 2020 releases - Investment areas expanded - IOS app releases - Android app releases
Q3 2020 Development - Beta concludes
Q4 2020 Development - Investments made in 30+ projects - is a fund for funds. Financial analytics, security, voting and dividend distribution products optimize the performance of investment funds worldwide.
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