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A revolutionary token that will empower a revolution in the world of sports, allowing users to access an innovative, data-driven platform that utilizes the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Smart Contracts. SPSL will serve as the platform’s utility token, providing access to a variety of services and rewarding users who contribute towards the success of the ecosystem.
United Kingdom
Token info
Available for sale
250000000 SPSL
ICO price
1 SPSL = 0.0004 ETH
11640 ETH
194000 ETH
60 %
Sports Ledger aims to become the world’s largest sporting ecosystem: a cutting-edge platform that delivers an immersive experience with global sports and is built upon tiers of technological innovation.
The aggregation of sporting statistics will immediately allow users to intuitively and insightfully visualise and interpret global sporting data. Sports Ledger will facilitate the emergence of social sports communities, where fans can engage with clubs in a heartfelt manner, sharing content directly with other fans.
SPSL tokens will serve as Sports Ledgers access key, but also as a means to reward club loyalty and participation through collective engagement within our ecosystem and within the world of sports. In addition, Sports Ledger aims to disintermediate the sports advertisement industry, facilitating communication directly to advertisers’ target audience. SPSL tokens will be distributed to dedicated participants who are actively involved in these communities by sharing and receiving content.
David Orman
Sports, Media & Blockchain Advisor
Marcus Balogh
Communications & PR Advisor
Dr. Theodosis Mourouzis
Cryptography & Blockchain Specialist Advisor
Maria Jones
Digital Marketing & PR Executive Advisor
Kieran Arasaratnam
Social Entrepreneur and Founder of UInspire
Phil Millo
David Lude
Community Manager
Igor Vukasinov
Product Officer
Franziska Saischek
Lead Designer
Simon Church
Sporting Community Partnerships
Lucy Rushton
Technical Recruitment & Performance Analyst
Waleed Mohammed
Head of Partnerships
Amy Orivel
Blockchain Based Structural Expert
Marcus Balogh
Communications & PR
Dr. Stylianos Kampakis
Data Scientist, AI & ML Expert
Theodosis Mourouzis
Cryptography & Blockchain Specialist
Merle Sommer
Alfonso Delgado De Molina
Blockchain & Smart Contracts Specialist
Robin Mohseni
Data Scientist & Analytics Programmer
David Robson-Kanu
Bozidar Ijacic
Fabian Kippenberg
Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu
Global roll out of Sports Ledger Blockchain and DLT Platform
Q1 2019
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Machine Learning development structuring Existing and historical sports data integration Advancing Network Configurations with sports professionals, entertainment, sports management and major league hosts
Q1 2020
Expansion into the Middle East and Africa Business expansion to Asia and United States
Q2 2018
Creation of Initial Token Offering Bonus Structure Testnet checks before crowdsale Strategic Private Sale begins
Q2 2019
Expansion of sports integration Sports Ledger user platform begins Alpha rollout
Q3 2018
Discussions with major exchanges underway Listing of Sports Ledger SPSL tokens on exchanges Strategic partnerships with exchanges and community announcements for exchange collaborations
Q3 2019
Further listing of Sports Ledger SPSL token on exchanges Expansion of the business development to Europe with further team recruitment
Q4 2018
Team, specialists and advisor expansion Sports Ledger Blockchain development begins Creation of platform development begins
Q4 2019
Sports Ledger API service offering Implementation of next generation predictive sporting analytics
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