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ND INVEST is a platform for instant purchases of real estate, cars, furniture and services at discounted and promotional prices. By signing the preliminary purchase agreement and paying the deposit upfront using ND tokens via our application or web page, the customer retains the ownership right for the asset, the pre-approved price and conditions of the deal. The remaining part of the asset price the buyer pays in fiat or another cryptocurrency.
Token info
ICO price
1 NDC = 0.8 EUR
1000000 EUR
15000000 EUR
62 %
10 EUR
ND INVEST LTD is registered in Cyprus and incorporated in ND HOLDING LTD («New Day» is abbreviated to ND). ND INVEST platform is created on the basis of ND INVEST. It is an international online system for urgent sales of real estate property, cars, furniture and other goods and services with significant discounts. Being based on blockchain technology, this platform allows to get the biggest discounts to ND token holders. To do this, a customer needs to sign a preliminary contract and pay the deposit (which is included in the price of selected goods or services) in ND tokens, reserving this way its price and conditions for further purchase. The mobile application is currently being developed for iOS and Android devices. We are also working on a website, that will be accessible from any browser.
Vyacheslav Loskarjov
Chief Operating Officer
Bartha Pal
Marketing Director
Zahar Antyipin
Chief Technology Officer
Pavel Igyarto
Director of Car Dealership in Hungary
Sandor Jablonczay
Technical Lead Architect
Svitlana Romanova
Lead Web Designer
Nikolay Vorozheykin
Branch Manager in Austria
Tatjana Gomba
Marketing Coordinator
Frank Herczeg
Content Manager
Elina Mardanova
Content Manager
Veronika Puhach
Content Manager
Q2-Q3 2009
Idea development. Trade Mark. Site Design.
Q2 2010
The start of «NEW DAY» Program.
Q3 2012
Obtaining a permit for construction of «NEW DAY» Residential complex in Paphos, Cyprus.
Q4 2012
Start of construction of «NEW DAY» residential complex in Paphos, Cyprus.
Q3-Q4 2013
Purchasing «NEW DAY» car dealership in Budapest.
Q1 2014
Signing partnership agreements with major auto groups.
Q3 2014
Completion of construction of «NEW DAY» residential complex in Paphos, Cyprus.
Q4 2017
Development of ideas for project’s cryptonization. Market research and analytics. Development of system architecture.
Q2 2018
Backend development. Start of ND mobile application development. ND webpage development. Creation and registration of NDCOIN tokens.
Q3 2018
ICO webpage development. Preparation for ICO campaign.
Q4 2018
Pre-ICO. First payments of referral bonuses in ND INVEST program. Team expansion. Blockchain integration. Creation of smart contracts.
Q1 2019
ICO. Finalizing the development of ND INVEST native application. New real estate developer and car dealership registrations in all cities around the world. NDCOIN is listed on cryptocurrency exchanges.
Q2 2019
Final testing of all new systems. New user registrations of customers around the world. Global marketing campaign. Obtaining permission for construction of the second complex «NEW DAY» in Paphos, Cyprus.
Q3 2019
Global ND conference. Global launch of ND services
Q2 2020
Purchase of the second multibrand car dealership.
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