GYM Ledger GYM Ledger

Health Platform Sports
The World’s 1st Health Band with integrated Hardware Wallet. Specially built to support the GYM Rewards app and to protect your crypto assets.
United States
Token info
Available for sale
20000000 LGR
ICO price
1 LGR = 0.002 ETH
8000 ETH
40000 ETH
20 %
What's better than a fitness band? A fitness band capable of securely store your cryptocurrency! The GYM Ledger initial coin offering is funding the GYM Ledger fitness bracelet. The GYM Ledger will be capable of working with the GYM Reward's App for minting many different tokens with its heart rate monitor and POE (proof of exercise) capabilities while also serving as a multicurrency hardware wallet.
Innovative mobile app that allows you to mine GYM cryptocurrencies with your body. Get Ready to exercise! The GYM Rewards app requires you to exercise to earn your cryptocurrency. The GYM Ledger uses it's heart rate monitor and calories tracking for mining GYM Rewards and a varieaty of supported Tokens.
Flavio Calonge
Board Advisor
Carroll Moon
Board Advisor
Ron B Palmer
Board Advisor
Canice Phillips
Community Management
Armando Santana
Bunsiness Development Manager
Manuel Leal
Development Lead & Blockchain App Developer
Carmelo Milian
CEO & Lead Blockchain
Q3 2019
Additional Cryptocurrencies Additional Cryptocurrencies added to the Hardware Wallet; Additional Tokens added to App mining.
Q2 2019
Hardware Beta Test Private closed beta; Open beta launched to public and improvement plan.
Q4 2019
Community Benefits Establishing global user base; USA start retailer selection.
Q4 2018
Pre-Sale Private financing & Seed funding raised; Public financing & Seed funding raised.
Q1 2019
Hardware Alpha Test Public financing & Seed funding raised.
Q3 2018
Design Platform design and technical demonstration; ICO Press Tour.
Q2 2020
More Operational Integration with Private Chains, More Coin in Wallet; New services offered by members or business.
Q1 2020
Hardware things Integration of third party controllers; Marketplace cooperative module.
Q2 2018
Research Proof of concept; Strategic Plan; White paper completion.
Q1 2018
Concept Concept Generation; Team Assemble.
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