Kinesis Kinesis

Banking Cryptocurrency Investment Platform
Kinesis has introduced yield-bearing digital currencies, based 1:1 on physical, allocated, gold and silver. When you purchase Kinesis currencies, you are simultaneously allocated real gold or silver stored securely in one of several third-party vaults around the world ensuring no counterparty risk. These digital coins (KAUs represents the gold-based coin and KAGs represents silver), can easily be spent at point of sale through the Kinesis debit card, allowing users to make fast and safe transactions. Holders of Kinesis currencies can redeem the coin and take delivery of the underlying physical precious metal guaranteeing intrinsic value with this cryptocurrency.

The Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT) public sale is now live, with a successful pre-sale raise of $55 million Kinesis is on track to achieve the hard cap target of $300 million.

This initiative was founded by ABX, a leading online exchange platform for physical bullion, with deep expertise in the gold industry.
Cayman Islands
Token info
Available for sale
300000 KVT
ICO price
1 KVT = 1000 USD
500000 USD
3000000 USD
Sam Bleakley
UX Designer
Archibald Butler
Front End Web Developer
Anita Coffey
Blockchain automation test suite developer
Rafał Szulczewski
Lead Front End Developer
Alex Revell
Full Stack Developer
Kim Nepata
Blockchain Systems Test Analyst
Sam Jeston
Blockchain and Software Developer
Carl Foster
Blockchain and Software Developer
Jeremy Lee
Daniel Chan
Sales & Operations Manager
Altan Bahtiyar
Sales Executive
Som Ranga
Financial Associate
Zubair Bukhari
Content & PR Manager
Danish Khan
Sales Executive
Ryan Case
Head of Sales & Trading
Jai Bifulco
Head Of Marketing
Richard Melbourne
Head of Operations
Dan Ryan
General Counsel
Ben Brideaux
Head of Projects
Eric Maine
Chief Strategy Officer
Pádraig Seif
Advisory Board Member
Nigel Owens
Rosalyn Charlton
Chief Technology Officer
David Charles
Non-Executive director
David Underwood
Non-Executive Director
Michael Coughlin
Chief Financial Officer
Thomas Coughlin
Chief Executive Officer
Early 2017
Investigating smart-contract capabilities across multiple leading cryptocurrencies.
Early-Mid 2018
Launching the Kinesis Velocity Token.
Mid 2017
The build and completion of the proprietary Primary Marketplace environment.
Conceptualizing the ways humanity could return to the Gold Standard.
Early 2019
The launch of Kinesis Currencies, whereby KAU is backed 1:1 by 1g of 99.99% pure physical gold and KAG by 10 grams of silver.
Late 2017
Development of both the unique and revolutionary Kinesis Currencies and Kinesis Velocity Token.
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