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INLOCK is a lending platform that enables cryptocurrency holders to manage short-term liquidity problems by taking a loan, using their existing cryptocurrencies as collateral. The credit transactions are established between the two parties directly. INLOCK merely acts as intermediary to record the terms of the agreement. These terms are established in a smart contract, making every credit contract between parties immutable and impossible to manipulate. Inlock (ILK) is an ethereum-based token that will be used when creating a lending contract.
Token info
ICO price
1 ILK = 0.01 USD
15000000 USD
27500000 USD
75 %
1000 USD
Our goal is to connect people who already own cryptocurrencies, but have been unable to effectively utilize them, to those who want to benefit from the profit generated by cryptocurrencies, while avoiding the high risk that often characterizes crypto markets. Over the past year we have received numerous requests from both camps, and we are pleased to announce that we will soon release a platform that provides mutually beneficial solutionsforboth parties.
INLOCK is a lending platform which enables cryptocurrency holders to manage short term liquidity problems by taking out a loan, using their existing cryptocurrencies as collateral. Lenders wishing to offer a loan can do so - with the appropriate permits - risk-free to those in need. Due to the fact that collateral can be exchanged into FIAT currency immediately, the risks involved for the lender party are almost identical to a bank deposit while earning higher interest rates. Credit transactions are established between the two parties directly, while our service as an intermediary ensures that the parameters of the agreement are formally recorded. Each of these terms is included in a smart contract, ensuring that every credit contract between the parties is irrefutableand impossible to manipulate.
Borrowers are able to set theirown conditions inoursystem interms of amount and duration according to their needs. In addition, the level ofrisk taking for exchange rate fluctuations is customizable. The process is fast and seamless and there is no need for additional credit assessment, since the borrower provides the collateral, offering rapid and flexible convertibility. Our platform enables institutions to enter new markets which have been out of their reach, or else additional costs have prevented them from entering the market as lenders. The lending process requires a similar level of AML/KYC adherence similar to traditional lending.
Mikk Maal
Legal Advisor
Balazs Vegvari
Blockchain partnerships strategist
Allen Scott
Media advisor
Tamas Safrany
Security specialist
Norbert Radoki
Media Advisor
Antal Károlyi
Token Architect
David Sabo
Token Advisor
Zsolt Gilányi
Monetary Theory Expert
Gabor Meiszterics
Blockchain Software Architect
Peter Angyal
Blockchain, Token Specialist
Barbara Szilágyi
Legal & HR
Ananda Parrott
Head of external communications
Andor Rajci
Smart Contract Developer
Viktoria Kazar
Audit & Compliance
Attila Kovács
Enterprise Business Architect
Krisztian Dobo
UX & Frontend expert
Peter Tamas Turcsan
György Cseh
Benedict Bánáthy
Peter Gergő
Co-founder, CMO
Csaba Csabai
Co-founder, CEO
Coverage resupply option; Portfolio contracts: store a combination of cryptocurrencies within one contract to mitigate short term price fluctuations). Portfolio contracts could contain 'stable coins' to further mitigate the risks of contract termination in case of margin call; Multilingual support for: Japanese, Chinese, South Korean.
Mobile app development for IOS and Android in order to provide our users access to their balance and contract management options from their mobile devices, including lending with full functionality; Adding new functionalities for portfolio contract termination options: drop order, smart drop order; Implementing the layer-2 payments channels (ex.: lightning network) rental service.
Adding the exchange module which allows users to near-instant swap between cryptocurrencies; Introducing the fee market: essentially the fee market allows potential borrowers to increase the motivation of finding a lending partner for their contract proposition sooner; Adding the next pool of cryptocurrencies: IOTA+ 2 additional based on customer demand; Advanced contract details to provide credit rating for lenders to help evaluate loan requests. (contract termination likelihood and historical performance of the Borrower); API release for automatic contract offer creation for lenders; Multilingual support for: Spanish, Russian, German.
Introducing credit swap; a second level market where the lender community will be able to exchange running contracts; Prediction AI to predict the termination overhead dynamically to assist platform users in selecting potentially safe margin call points; Adding the next pool of cryptocurrencies: ZCASH+ 2 additional based on customer demand; Multilingual support for additional languages.
Adding the lightning network module: in practice this means that if the user has any free assets available within the balance the user will be earning passive income constantly; Implementing atomic swap functionality.
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