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GECKO Crypto1 is a compliance system that enables a self-regulatory framework on behalf of the Token sale market.

Most importantly, it provides a verifiable independent blockchain audit trail of compliance to satisfy global financial regulators. GECKO Crypto1 is implemented on the blockchain, across the entire ecosystem of data providers and consumers.
Token info
Available for sale
700000000 GECKO
ICO price
1 GECKO = 0.1 USD
20000000 USD
10000 USD
Today, GECKO Governance is the first RegTech blockchain solution to easily allow Fund Managers and Banks to monitor and manage their regulation and compliance requirements. It enables Banks and Fund Managers to schedule all their end to end compliance and regulatory tasks and provides a verifiable independent audit trail of compliance to satisfy global financial regulators. The solution greatly improves client's transparency, operational efficiency, cost effectiveness and compliance security.In July 2013, a form of blockchain fundraising called a 'Token Sale' was developed. Over the last two years, the Token Sale model has been used by hundreds of organizations to raise over $6.8 billion USD. Government agencies are now analyzing the securities implications of this nontraditional form of financing, with potential consequences for Token Sales that violate securities laws.Many believe the Token Sale market is overheated and filled with economic free-riders which will produce significant negative effects. This paper proposes that the existing GECKO Governance compliance system and protocol be expanded to enable a self-regulatory function on behalf of the Token Sale market will provide much needed transparency and accountability desired by investors.GECKO Governance, seeks to utilize its existing compliance system and protocol within the Token Sale ecosystem such that it can be seen as an extension to or a structured format for a Token Sale white paper to ensure disclosure of key information for investors before and during a Token Sale. In Addition, GECKO Governance uses a blockchain-based system to ensure all data is live, immutable, auditable and verifiable. That will also provide transparency, compliance, and accountability after a Token Sale on a continuous basis as new regulatory rules are implemented.In addition, The GECKO Governance system is open to the entire Token Sale ecosystem and as such, enables Token Sale projects to be vetted by investors. It is implemented on a blockchain to ensure trusted, secure, decentralized compliance across the entire ecosystem of data providers and consumers.In order to power the expansion of the existing GECKO Governance system to provide Transparency, Compliance and Accountability of Token Sales, an ERC20 standard GECKO token will be created and distributed to network participants.This paper also proposes using the system and protocol to provide a GECKO certification from worldwide organizations that can serve as a trusted validation of compliance, AML/KYC providers, ratings agencies, legal advisors, financial accountants and technology providers.GECKO Governance is committed to the Pledge1% movement and will be donating one percent of the overall proceeds of the GECKO Token Sale to a number of charitable endeavors.
Alan Kostrinsky
Ex-Director of Blockchain Audit solutions - PWC
Julian Sluyters
Ex-COO PineBridge Investments
Sumeer Pai
ACIS, CAMS Chartered Secretary
Richard Kent
Ex-Fund Governance Manager - RBS
Dan Viola
Ex-SEC Senior Compliance Examiner, Partner at Sadis & Goldberg
Rob Frasca
Co-Founder & Managing Partner Cosimo Ventures
Ken Lang
CTO Cosimo Ventures
Emil Polito
Ex-Director UBS USA
Jeff Parker
Ex-CEO - Thompson Financial, Founder - First Call
Rhonda Eldridge
US Strategy
Michelle Mcguire
Head of Risk and Compliance
Vaibnav Namburi
Blockchain Lead
Andris Macs
Head of Business Development
Patrick Purcell
Head of Technology and Product Innovation
Shane Brett
CEO & Co-Founder
April 2018
Signed up to 1% Pledge (of proceeds of token sale).
August 2016
Dell partnership for Data Security began.
December 2016
Largest EU start up funding competition “Seedcorn” win.
December 2017
$1 Million COSIMO Ventures Seed Investment.
February 2017
Launch of New York office.
February 2018
MannBenham – Isle of Man legal partners appointed.
January 2018
Jeff Parker joins advisory board.
June 2016
Built first beta version – GECKO Governance.
June 2017
Launch of Sydney Office.
June 2018
Project Roadshow & Pre-sale to accredited Investors & Funds.
March 2018
Token Sale PR firm engaged – Wachsman PR.
May 2018
Isle of Man Authorization – Token Sale project.
November 2017
Grant Thornton US partnership Alliance signed.
October 2016
DMS Governance rollout – Ireland.
Q1 2019
Deploy Token Sale module. Open Asian office – Singapore/Hong Kong. Enhance Token Sale Governance prototype based on market feedback.
Q2 2019
Open Boston office in the US. Full Token Sale Governance solution launch. Investors – Enhance reporting on Token Sale projects. Expand core team in Ireland, New York City, & Sydney.
Q4 2018
Launch partnership with ICO Governance Foundation. Beta build of Crypto1 Token Sale Governance prototype launch. Test Crypto1 Token Sale Governance prototype modules. List on exchanges.
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