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The Makapuno Project is an ICO project that contributes to world energy resources to produce biomass fuels and clean energy from coconut. Hybrid Makapuno will change the world by suppressing global warming and improving the lives of the poor.

We will also provide clean energy production in developing countries such as Asia and Africa where population growth is remarkable, and help to contribute to the rise of poverty economy and economic growth.

It can also be an investment target as a CO2 reduction project, and it can also provide CO2 emission rights for carbon offsets.
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Available for sale
500000 COCO
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1 COCO = 0.035 ETH
The miraculous type of coconut, the "Hybrid Makapuno", grows on coconut palms which were specially developed for biomass fuel production through original research.All fruits are coconuts (Makapuno) suitable for biomass fuel production, and high quality biomass fuels can be produced at company’s own plants.
Even though it is a malformed species that cannot grow in the nature, it has now become possible to multiply it using original technologies, and it has been turned into a unique species that can even produce seedlings.
Hybrid Makapuno produces 15 times as much fruit as normal palm trees, so it is possible to supply large amounts of raw material for biomass fuels by cultivating it at coconut plantations. Since it is a fruit, it is possible to produce biomass fuel sustainably and get clean renewable energy which does not generate waste.This project has also become a target for investments as a CO2 reduction project, and it can also provide CO2 emission rights for carbon offset.
"Hybrid Makapuno" will change the world by helping in fighting against global warming and improving the lives of the poor.We will also provide possibilities for clean energy production in developing countries in such regions as Asia and Africa where population growth has been remarkable and will help to improve the situation with poverty as well as boost economic growth.
The miraculous coconut “Hybrid Makapuno” cannot multiply naturally, so its production by excessive deforestation can be avoided.We also conduct education on effective cultivation methods and buy back all crops, so small coconut farmers can produce them with confidence.
Biodiesel fuel (BDF) produced at the company’s own plants from the copra of hydrid Makapuno is high-quality fuel containing many carbon chain structures (C-12) closest to light diesel oil.Also, from the shell we can produce special woody fuel that can be used in biomass power plants and thermal power plants.
Since all fruits are recycled, there is no waste that comes out.
Power generated by the produced biofuel can reduce consumption of fossil fuels and is clean and sustainable energy that does not emit carbon dioxide (CO2) which is considered to be the cause of global warming.
In areas where coconuts can be produced, resources and raw materials can be produced independently, so it is possible to improve energy self-sufficiency rates and support regional economic growth.It can also be produced as a new type of energy even in countries without natural resources such as fossil fuels.
Although the habitat of hybrid Makapuno is tropical, which is the same as in case of usual coconut palms, there are increasing expectations for further possibilities, such as research that can result in production of fruits in a wide range of the world’s regions including subtropical regions.
Electricity consumption has been changing alongside economic development. Until now, it has been supported by massive consumption of fossil fuels, but we cannot anymore avoid the global warming, which will cause problems such as rising of the sea level, ecological changes, abnormal weather and spreading of diseases. Such problems will also cause the rise in poverty rates.
Hotta Kazuhito
Thuthiya Yasumune
Local official in Vietnam
Nguyen Hoang Hung
Vietnamese farmer association coconut business manager
Establishment of coconut research laboratory / generation room. Establishment of production chamber of Hybrid maca pno propagated plant.
Coconut Research Institute · Procurement · Training Procurement of makapuno species, generation of hybrid maca puno.
Coconut farmer. Hybrid makapuno seedling planting · cultivation · turn.
Seedling production factory. Construction of seedling production plant.
Sales of seedling production factory · seedlings. Construction of seedling production plant.
Coconut Research Institute · Shipment. Production and shipment of Hybrid maca puno proliferating plants.
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