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Cloudbric is a decentralized universal security platform featuring enterprise-grade website, mobile device and crypto asset security, as well as access to a community driven threat intelligence database all powered through a new technology called VISION (patent pending), a CNN-based deep learning AI-tech, featuring one of the most accurate (low false positive rated) engines on the market.

Our goal is to not only secure the web in general, but to secure the entire blockchain experience for users and businesses alike whether it’s protecting global exchanges, securing cryptocurrency assets, etc. so that we can help further encourages the widespread adoption of this great technology to masses.

Cloudbric is currently a market leading web application firewall as a service vendor in South Korea and Singapore. We boast multiple awards (SC Magazine, Stevie Awards, Info Security PG, more), are industry-certified, and have more than 10,000 customers and partners.
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440000000 CLB
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1 CLB = 0.0001 ETH
28800 ETH
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Cloudbric started as an in-house venture of Penta Security Systems, the largest web security vendor in the South Korean market.

Multiple awards (SC Magazine, Stevie Awards, Info Security PG etc.) and industry certifications
Currently over 10,000 members/organizations, 50+ partners/resellers, over 25 data centers around the world
Featured on Gartner's Magic Quadrant, Frost & Sullivan, and recognized by SC Magazine Awards
Cloudbric is led by cybersecurity experts team leaders who hold multiple awards, patents, and are creators of some of the best selling cyber security solutions in the APAC market

What Type of Technology Will Cloudbric Use?
Cloudbric is currently a market leading web application firewall as a service vendor in South Korea and Singapore. Our current web application security technology is a proprietary technology featuring one of the most accurate (low false positive rated) engines on the market. However, to further advance our threat detection capabilities, Cloudbric will be focusing a new core patent pending technology (named VISION) for our ICO venture, which will be based on deep learning.
Cloudbric’s Ultimate Goal
Our ultimate goal is to bring more peace of mind to the blockchain arena so that users and businesses alike can feel more confident in adopting this technology for the future. In addition, one prevalent issue in the cybersecurity market is the privatization of cyber threat data by security vendors. For instance, users that utilize enterprise solutions (be it malware, antivirus, website security, etc.) are constantly generating valuable cyber threat intelligence on behalf of these vendors. These very same vendors keep this information, such as malicious IPs, spam URLs, malware infected files, crypto fraud addresses, etc. to develop new solutions to sell right back to the user community.
What Cloudbric aims to achieve is to decentralize all of this information in the hopes that this will further spark innovation and widespread adoption of cybersecurity best practices from the community. Developers will now be able to utilize our APIs directly from Cloudbric to create new tools and improvements to our system, as well as enterprise organizations that can directly use our data to strengthen their current security software. All of this information will also be made accessible to the user community as free to use research tools found on Cloudbric Labs (available in Beta version now).
Trent Barnes
Principal at ZeroCap, Blockchain and corporate advisor and Board Member of the Blockchain Association of Australia
Sungjae Hwang
FoundationX CEO & Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer at Fluenty Inc., Chief Strategy Officer at Pium Labs Inc.
Young Ha Kim
Former CEO of Samsung Electronics China, 30+ years of experience in the Chinese electronics and technology development market, professor at Dankook University
Caspar Wong
CEO of Goldford Fintech, VP of Goldford Group, Chairman of Hong Kong Young Professional Alliance Blockchain Committee
Steve C.Y. Pang
Executive Director of Goldford Venture Capital & Goldford Group, 20+ years of experience in financial services and IT sector focusing on China market, Swire Group, Zurich Financial Services
Kyle Riley
Co-founder of iosiro, Director of Zenoic, security consultant for MWR InfoSecurity
Dr. Jin Woo Shin
Ph.D MIT, associate professor at KAIST for the algorithmic intelligence laboratory
Kazunari Miyazaki
CPA, Head of NEC Venture Fund, 10+ years of M&A and venture investment experience, Director of BIGLOBE
Dr. William H. Nguyen
Ph.D Harvard, Chief Crypto Architect for GIFTO (GTO), CEO and founder of Kryptono Exchange
Dennis Kim
CEO of PLAYCOIN (PLY) & Gamehub, CTO of Dingo, cloud security advisor for KISA
Seokwoo Lee
Founder and CEO of Penta Security Systems, Inc., 20+ years of information security expertise, adjunct professor at POSTECH
Dr. Jae-Woo Lee
Ph.D, CISSP, CCFP, CISA, CISM, 30+ years of information security expertise, international advisory board for Kaspersky Labs, Inc., founder of the Korean Information Security Agency (KISA), recipient of the Harold F. Tipton and Harold Weiss Award
Karen Cruz
Digital Marketing Manager, experienced digital marketing and SEO specialist, global PR and content management, Cloudbric
Victoria Jo
Communications Manager, experienced marketing and communication specialist, former experience in IT security engineering, Penta Security Systems, Inc., Cloudbric
YB Choi
PR Manager, experienced international marketing and PR manager, Global Civic Sharing, Penta Security Systems, Inc., Cloudbric
Yuika Hama
Business Development (Japan), 5 years of international business development experience focusing on the Japan market, Penta Security Systems, Inc., Cloudbric
Yong Seok Choi
Design Expert, 20+ years of graphic and web design experience, Penta Security Systems, Inc.
Tae Gwang Kim
Front-End Developer, experienced front-end developer, Cloudbric
Ji Hye Park
Senior Web Developer, 9 years of web and service development experience, Penta Security Systems, Inc., Cloudbric, Sirius Soft, EC Global
Lee Hae You
Service Development Engineer, experienced service development engineer, Cloudbric
Seung Ho Cha
Deep Learning Engineer, 4+ years of service and deep learning development experience
Min Woo Nam
Head of Blockchain Development, 18+ years of cryptographic software development, inventor of various APAC market leading PKI & SSO solutions, Penta Security Systems, Inc.
Tai Kim
Chief Product Officer, product development and management experience, specialty focus on the Greater China market, Penta Security Systems, Inc., Cloudbric
Giseung “Tiny” Jo
Chief Technology Officer, 18+ years of web and security development expertise, Cloudbric
Peter Cha
Chief Strategy Officer, marketing and business development experience in DB encryption, MyDiamo, Penta Security Systems, Inc., Cloudbric
Joey Song
Chief Operating Officer, 8+ years of management consulting and international business development experience, Deloitte & Touche LLP, Grant Thornton LLP, Cloudbric
Taejoon Chung
CEO & Founder, 10+ years of information security experience, inventor of various IT security related patents, Penta Security Systems, Inc., MyDiamo, Cloudbric
Late 2018
Deep Learning technology integration End of ICO and token distribution Listing on cryptocurrency exchanges Begin development of Universal Security Platform
Early 2019
Initial service launch of Universal Security Platform Start of Security Rewards Program through data contribution and resource community Begin decentralization of threat data on blockchain
Late 2019
Expansion of the Universal Security Platform Expansion of the Security Rewards Program
Early 2020
Full version launch of Universal Security Platform Full expansion of Security Rewards Program Full decentralization of threat data on blockchain
Late 2020
Begin conceptualization of IoT Security Platform
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